indigo home believes it's the little things that make your house a home.

Meet mike

Meet jennifer

As a child, her mom used to drag her to home decor stores, and Jennifer admittedly was bored. As an adult, She grew to love decorating, and home decor. She loves the creative process of pairing colors, patterns and textures. Inspired by the fashion trucks popping up in St. Louis, Jennifer thought there must be some home decor trucks as well. Turns out, there weren't, and the idea was born! Jennifer is the creative side of the operation; hand selecting each and every piece of merchandise on the truck. Her personal decor style is clean lines with pops of color.

Mike is Jennifer's husband and business partner, who has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. His background is in all aspects of business from banking to sales. He runs the business side of Indigo Home's mobile boutique. He is quite handy, and along with the help of other very handy family members, built out the interior of the truck. Mike's personal decor style is mid-century modern.

About indigo home

We aim to bring you just that; the beautiful throw pillows on your 

couch, a comfy blanket to curl up with, the picture frame holding a 

precious memory.  All the things designed to bring unique character to your home. 

The name Indigo Home was inspired by Jennifer's grandmother, Jan. 

She was a very talented oil painter and her favorite color was indigo. 

She decorated her home in shades of light blue and indigo.   

Indigo Home brings designer lines from around the country to 

your neighborhood in the St. Louis area. Jennifer and her husband Mike (co-owners), have developed relationships with the designer lines they offer. They did this in order to bring unique home designs, eclectic decor, and make it so you will be able to find everything you need to make your home comfortable and beautiful, when shopping at Indigo Home's mobile boutique in St. Louis. All of Indigo Home's decor, furnishings and accessories are expertly crafted and designed to last.